Delta 8 THC can be tried, but you should start slowly and take 5-10mg. Then wait to see how you feel. Delta 8 is slower than delta 9 THC. It can take between 1-3 hours for delta 8 THC to kick in depending on how much you consume it. To avoid side effects, make sure you wait long enough to take another dose.

Experienced and moderate users of delta9 THC can consume between 25-40 mg and microdose with lower doses. Delta 8 gummies contain 24 mg of THC, which is equivalent to 10 mg in weed gummies. Even if you are a seasoned cannabis user, your experience can be affected by the setting, tolerance, body chemistry, and other factors. You may find that you need less to get the same effect as someone who is more sensitive to delta 8 THC. Other times you will need to increase your dosage.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

One of the greatest benefits of delta 8 THC, is it’s federally legal. Despite some states have banned the use of THC and other forms, it is still possible to buy it online. This is because hemp-derived delta8 THC has 0.3% or less. All hemp products that meet the 2018 Farm Bill’s criteria are legal at the federal level. You can buy marijuana-derived delta-8 THC extracts in states that allow recreational marijuana use.

Summary of the Benefits Of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC’s milder psychoactive profile and benefits have made it an attractive alternative for people who can’t handle the THC-induced trippy effects. Delta 8 THC has a half-amount of the potency of delta 9. It is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia and can be used to treat a variety of health issues. Delta 8 THC is a powerful relaxant that can reduce stress. It can also help with anxiety and pain management, as well as improve focus and sleep patterns.

Recent research also points to delta 8 THC being a neuroprotectant that could prevent or treat neurodegenerative diseases. The best part is that delta 8 THC (at least for the moment) is legal at the federal level, so you can still enjoy its benefits, even if your state hasn’t approved recreational marijuana use.

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