Some Common Issues Encountered On The Exterior Painted Walls And Their Solutions

Outside walls always comes under the direct scanner of damaging sun rays and harsh climactic conditions. If you live in a high humidity zone then you may often find mould growth on the outside walls and it looks really awkward. But nowadays paint contains component that help in preventing the surfaces against ravages of weather. In case, you have recently noticed cracks or discoloration of walls then contact the exterior painting service in Sydney CBD now and get a good painting job done. Their efficacious painting technique adopted by the painters will help the walls resist damages and stay intact for at least for a decade. Alligatoring Appearance of crack patterns upon the wall resembling that of a reptile skin occurs due to several reasons. One of the possible reasons is application of second coat of paint before the drying up of the first one. If your painters make use of glossy paints then it might weary out soon leading to cracks. To prevent this issue, it is better to remove the entire coat of old paint and apply primer and repaint it. Chalking You may identify traces of chalk powder upon the paint film. However, chalking is useful as it is meant for self-cleanup process but excess of this process can wreck havoc on the walls. Inability to seal the porous surfaces before paint work can result in chalking. Scrub or wash the wall and conduct repainting once walls get dried. Special types of solutions are used for removing this type of stains. Rust discolouration Appearance of reddish or brown stains on the surface is termed as rust discolouration. This occurs as a result of attaching nails that are not resistant to corrosion on walls. Even excessive rate of weathering might be taken as another reason for such an occurrence. Removal of rusted nail can only be a way to prevent it. Sagging Another issue that most of the householders face is dripping paint. There are times when paint coats become quite overloaded which results in dripping. In fact, applying of thinner coats turns out to be another prime reason. As soon as you encounter sagging when the paint is not dried then try to evenly redistribute it. Painters should avoid using heavy coats instead combining two coats is better. In this context, you have to contact with the experienced exterior painting company in Sydney CBD for resolving this issue permanently.